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About Basket of Hope

Welcome to Basket of Hope — a beacon of support and transformation in the Tana River and Lamu Counties in Kenya, East Africa. In this remote area, isolated and unreached communities face daily challenges due to a lack of clean water, sufficient food, and basic educational opportunities. Through our dedicated initiatives, we aim to bring sustainable change and hope to these communities.

School Supplies

Education is a pathway to empowerment. We support 32 schools by providing essential supplies like paper, pencils, and crayons, ensuring that over 2,000 children have the tools they need to learn and thrive.

Bible School

We are committed to nurturing spiritual leadership by offering training for current and future pastors. This initiative helps ensure that spiritual guidance and community leadership continue to flourish.

Feeding Program

Nutritional support is crucial for learning. We currently provide nutritious meals to 1,400 children every school day, with the goal to eventually reach all 2,000 children across our network of schools. This program is crucial in keeping children healthy and focused on their studies.

Women's Ministry

Empowering women is key to community development. Our leaders’ seminars provide women with educational materials and support, strengthening their roles in local churches and communities.

Children’s Ministry

Our outreach extends into local schools and churches, where we uplift and inspire the next generation. By engaging with children and educators, we foster environments of learning and spiritual growth.


The Makuti Building is the heart of our operations, serving as a hub for teaching, training, and prayer. This facility welcomes pastors, teachers, students, and community members, facilitating a range of activities that foster community and spiritual growth.


Join Our Mission

Your support is invaluable in helping us fulfill the vision that God has placed on Basket of Hope. We are grateful for your prayers, your financial contributions, and your commitment to helping us transform lives in one of the most challenging parts of the world.

Thank you for being part of our journey to bring hope and change to the communities we serve.

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